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Being the best digital marketing agency Sri Lanka, ORMC’s unique resource is the team of top digital marketers in Sri Lanka with a vast array of global experiences in world best digital marketing practices. We are among the top digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka, who can help brands to realize their full potential online with complete digital marketing solutions. As the best digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka, our promise is to take your brand to the top of the competition within the shortest period of time. You can evident that by looking at our client portfolio, where all our clients are in the Google 1st page for their respective industry keywords. Further, we are specialized in Web Designing & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management & Online Reputation Management.

Call us today… & Get a comprehensive and aggressive digital marketing plan for your business to step up to the next level. 

Unique Digital Marketing Solutions That Deliver Fast Online Presence For Your Business

ORMC, the best digital marketing services in Sri Lanka analyze the marketing environment and your business industry as the first step to building the digital strategy for you.

As one of the best digital marketing companies in Sri Lanka, we operate a thorough analysis of your company and pin down your strengths that could be utilized against the weaknesses of our competitors.

Through a quality digital strategy development, we target the correct audience that your brand should be visible. Our digital strategy increases the reach to potential audience for your business.

Being the best digital marketing services in Sri Lanka, when we create our digital marketing solutions for your business, we consider the key factors for selling online, customer interaction and online security.

Through digital marketing, among the best digital marketing companies in Sri Lanka, we provide genius ways for enough and more online presence for your company by promoting your business using latest online resources and tools through websites, mobile apps and social media platforms.

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Lanka

We are specialized if following digital marketing services.

SEO Services 

Hire us to deliver organic results for your business and crush your competition. 

Pay Per Click Services

Build your empire through pay per click. Dominate your market with conversions. 

Content Marketing Services

Use your content to fuel your SEO, lead generation, and conversion processes. 

Social Media Marketing & Advertising Services

Convert your social channels into a lead-creation and audience-engaging resource.

Online Reputation Management Services

Build an indestructible online reputation with positive feedback and sentiment.

Mobile App Development Services

Create a compelling app to draw and retain a growing mobile audience with DMA’s help.

Custom web design Services

Develop inspiring and unique web designs to convert shoppers into buyers.

Google Ads Management Services

Hire us to lower your costs and increase your conversions on Google Ads. 

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Lanka

ORMC is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka that offers total digital marketing solutions. We are a full-service digital marketing company in Sri Lanka that understands customers business environment & market competition before creating a strategy to achieve your corporate goals.
We are a team of professionally qualified individuals with a number of years of industry experience in the field of digital marketing. We help companies to achieve their business goals using powerful digital marketing tools by auditing the business environment, executing digital transformation and boosting their online presence for them to grow online leads and sales with their existing and prospective customer base.

Our full-service digital marketing agency offers: content marketing, paid search marketing, social media marketing, email and SMS marketing, creative design, search engine optimization, social media advertising services and many more. We make sure that our clients’ online presence has the required competitive edge when they perform their line of work despite their industry.
Pay Per Click marketing also known as Paid Search Marketing, Sponsored Advertising or Cost Per Click marketing, is one of the cost-effective ways to help a business get qualified and consistent traffic from relevant search results leading to conversions.

PPC is an essential service that could drive relevant visitors to your website, which could generate more leads for the business, in turn, can increase sales. Our PPC management process focuses on reaching your target audience for the right cost and push for conversions. Best keyword selection and managing cost of clicks are key to a successful and profitable PPC campaign which reduces the spend on PPC.
Choosing appropriate keywords based on understanding your customer personas and business environment will help maximize PPC campaign’s performance.

ORMC PPC management service includes,

• Keyword research
• Ad creation
• Landing page review
• Performance monitoring
• Analysis and reporting

We use the latest available PPC tools and PPC software to give you the best ROI and outperform your competition.

Best Digital Marketing Company in Sri Lanka

We focus on results-based measurable marketing in the digital world. ROI is everything for us….

“Digital Marketing,” can be defined as data-driven and targeted brand promotions using all forms of digital media channels available on the internet. Our Digital Marketing campaigns are logically structured and strategically focused to reach the targeted audience who search your products & services. We don’t involve guesswork. Data-driven strategies are implemented and tested to find the best strategies that suit to achieve your corporate objectives. We measure results in real-time and implement strategy adjustments then and there.

At ORMC, our team of, consultants, creative designers, strategists, and developers are working together, as a brand-development and lead-generating engine to deliver quantifiable results. We have the know-how and internal skill set to push creative initiatives as well as converting visitors to drive result-focused outcomes aiming to achieve corporate objectives.

ORMC Digital Marketing Agency Improve your Business
We handle your digital marketing from top to bottom. We evaluate your brand’s online presence and develop a powerful strategy that suits your corporate objectives. We work with you to understand your objectives and assist you to set measurable goals. Before anything, we define exactly who your ideal customer is and the key steps of his buying journey. We connect your unique selling proposition with your ideal buyer using a mix of digital channels best suit to your audience.

We Master Your Brand Online

ORMC as the best digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka will work extensively on many forms to developing your online presence. As the main platform, we work on developing a buyer-focused website that allows you to showcase your brand online. From there we consult you to select digital channels and platforms which are the best suit to reach your ideal buyers.

Our skilled digital marketing experts will position your brand as a market leader in your sector, by creating commanding content that leads to position your brand authority. In order to improve the best possible organic search rankings, we always go for industry best keywords. Our digital marketing experts will use the most modern and effective content writing strategies that are the best suit to appeal to your audience. Our social media marketing strategies assure the delivery of the best marketing ROI that far beyond the ROI of traditional marketing efforts. We always focus on your overall marketing strategy and align our social media strategies to fit into your corporate objectives.

Content Marketing Services Sri Lanka

ORMC Boost your marketing ROI

If you want to boost your marketing ROI, it is our job as a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Lanka to ensure a steady and reliable profit for your investment in marketing. We continuously engage in testing and reworking our strategy, to ensure your money has been invested in the correct channels that boost your ROI and increase the overall efficacy of digital marketing efforts. In order to maintain the balance between your spend on digital marketing strategies and the return they generate, we continuously test and monitor your website traffic, select the best online channels to invest in. We focus on long-term sales growth by driving your brand towards more reach, more leads and more conversions.

As a leading Social Media Marketing Agency in Sri Lanka, we use this form of internet marketing as a part of our total digital marketing strategy that targets to reach the more qualified target audience, using social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and many more. In this digital era, these channels are more efficient & cost-effective compared to traditional media channels and provide more engagement opportunities to build lasting relationships with your customers.

Key benefits of our Social media marketing strategies:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Increasing website traffic
  • building conversions
  • building brand reputation
  • creating a brand identity
  • positive brand association
  • Improving communication and interaction with key audiences


ORMC follows the latest and advanced techniques to execute our most effective social media marketing strategies that improve your marketing ROI significantly and ensure corporate objectives are achieved.

Scope of ORMC Social Media Marketing Services (SMM services) would cover:

  • Research & auditing
  • Strategy development
  • Content Writing
  • Brand monitoring
  • Social advertising
  • Reporting & analysis


Content Marketing Services

Our content marketing team consists of industry best graphic designers, illustrators and writers in Sri Lanka who are experts in content creation business. Before we finalize our social media marketing plan, we brief you on the total promotion covering the areas of when to promote, what content to be promoted in which channels, etc…

We analyze your corporate objectives, industry competition, and customer behaviours to understand your specific needs and to create a customized content marketing strategy that influences people to trust your products & services. Our content marketing strategies will attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat customers. We push visitors to subscribe to the content and motivate them to share it with others which help to build online reputation and improve customer loyalty.

ORMC Social Media Advertising Services include:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Pinterest Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising

Search Engine Marketing in Sri Lanka

In this ever-changing digital era, the world of marketing has changed drastically reducing the effectiveness of traditional marketing. Marketing ROI of TV, Radio, Magazines & Newspapers are declining in a major way. In today’s world, digital marketing has overtaken the place of traditional marketing by positioning as the most effective way to promote your business today.

Few key benefits of digital marketing are as follows.

Digital marketing allows you to present your products & services directly to your customers’ mobile devices.
You can target your products & services to a specific audience based on your industry, demography, and geography.
Digital Marketing allows two-way communication through-out 24/7.
We at ORMC, believe each company has their own way of doing business. We focus on understanding the ins and outs of your business before developing any strategy. This approach ensures that our work reflects your brand correctly while delivering results to your customized businesses objectives.
Our skilled digital marketing experts will take your brand awareness, marketing ROI, Online presence, and overall profitability to new levels. We are an award-winning full-service Digital Marketing Agency based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We offer unparalleled businesses solutions that deliver results at cost-effective rates and most importantly meeting your timelines.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s world due to the internet penetration and smartphone penetration. The unique feature of Social media marketing is the ability to reach a specific audience in real-time.
Our social media experts will maintain these social media channels for your brand or for your corporate, allowing you to focus your time & energy 100% on operational aspects of your business.

At ORMC, we offer an array of social media advertising services including strategy development and content creation. Our dedicated and expert social media marketing staff will develop and implement social media marketing strategies that are aligned with your corporate vision & mission while achieving your revenue goals.

Social Media Strategy Development

Our social media strategy will align your corporate vision and business goals. We set clear timelines and sharp KPIs each time allowing us to deliver industry-best campaign results consistently.

Social Media Content Creation

Our skilled content creators and copywriters will ensure that each piece of content is relevant and reflects your brand voice clearly and loudly while improving the engagement and conversion.

Facebook Advertising

We place your brand in front of your targeted audience, through our cost-effective Facebook advertising services in Sri Lanka. We create highly attractive messages based on your customer personas and targeting parameters.

Instagram Advertising

We manage Instagram business accounts for corporates to enhance your online brand presence. We create Instagram ads, through your Instagram business account and drive awareness and increase your customer base through visuals.

LinkedIn Advertising

We highly recommend LinkedIn Advertising for businesses operate in B2B markets. With our LinkedIn advertising solutions, you can set your own budgets. This is the best platform to target and reach professionals all over the world.

Pinterest Advertising

We create and manage your Pinterest campaigns allowing your target audience to pinning your boards. Using Promoted pins option on Pinterest, we promote your brand to an audience interested in visuals. Pinterest’s paid advertising is cost-effective and allows you to pay only when someone clicks a pin.

Twitter Advertising

We operate Twitter ads campaigns for you. We focus on increasing visibility and grow your followers through our Twitter follower campaign ads.

YouTube Advertising

We optimize your YouTube channel for greater visibility with video ads allowing you to pay for ads only when viewers watch your ad.

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