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Unique & creative Web designs in Sri Lanka is our core differentiator. Being one of the best web design companies in Sri Lanka, We offer results-driven yet creative web design solutions that boost your brand image online. ORMC is a web design company in Sri Lanka that offers a full range of top-quality professional and affordable web design solutions. Being one of the leading web design companies in Sri Lanka, we deliver creative and innovative website designing solutions coupled with strategic approaches to achieve client’s business goals.

Having one of the best web design teams with professionally qualified and experienced web designers in Sri Lanka, we offer top-quality web designs, web development and website re-designing services at highly competitive and affordable prices.


Customized Web Design Solutions in Sri Lanka

We believe that your website design shows your business insight; so your website should speak itself! It is the first impression that visitors get and our aim is to create an unforgettable user experience to them. Our goal is to drive your website visitors through user journeys that interact with the brand and ensure conversions. The websites we produce are clean and fresh, each uniquely designed. Furthermore, we endeavor to ensure all our website designs meet the accessibility standards demanded by the World Wide Web Consortium. Our website designs are tested in the most commonly used browsers at different screen resolutions.

Affordable Web Design Services in Sri Lanka

We guarantee a unique design each time. Our customized web designs are distinct from the clutter with uniquely designed style, keyword-rich content, usability-focused on performance and SEO friendliness to reach the target audience. By intelligently integrating these four elements, we assure an optimum web design solution that is professional in design and geared towards meeting the client’s objectives.

Performance-Based Web Design Company in Sri Lanka

Our unique performance-based architecture approach to customized web development in Sri Lanka, facilitates the creation of dynamic websites that can be modified on the fly based on user journeys and interaction data. We guarantee a unique web design each time for your corporate web design solutions, crafted specifically for your brand, analyzing your potential customers, competitors, and the industry. The performance will always be at the heart of our web design strategy and we ensure your website looks as good on a 4-inch screen as it does on a 4k desktop, optimized for multiple devices, faster downloads and search engines.

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Web Design Sri Lanka Services in Sri Lanka

Key Characteristics of Our Sales-Driving Web Designs in Sri Lanka

Why our clients’ websites are outperforming their competitors? Because we ensure our web design solutions in Sri Lanka, are built with following features.

Our web designs are visible – When we say visible, we mean in search engines like Google. Over 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine, so your website needs to be optimized for the best search engine optimization – SEO practices. When you choose ORMC as your best web design partner company in Sri Lanka, you’re guaranteed to have a website optimized for best SEO performance.

Our web designs are mobile friendly 58% of all US online traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets, and 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website. If that’s not enough to convince you, Google also ranks mobile-friendly websites higher in the search engine results.

Our web designs are secured – Data breaches and hacked consumer information have been big topics of discussion recently—and your website visitors know this. If your website has any place where users can fill in personal information (even if it’s just a phone number and email address) it needs to be secured. Google also gives preference to secured websites in the search results.

Our web designs are fast – Website visitors need to see something happen on your site in under three seconds. If not, 40% of them will leave and go to another website. Even a one-second delay can cause a 7% reduction in conversions.

Our web designs offer an optimal user experience – Once your web-page loads, users form an opinion in 0.5 seconds. They expect to be able to find information easily and quickly—especially from a mobile device.

Distinctive Features of Our Web Design Solutions in Sri Lanka

Fast Loading Websites

We use the world best and latest web development technologies to load your website fast. It'll help to better ranking on search engines and attract your website visitors to stay on the site.

100% Custom Web Designs

Every web design project that we design is totally customized from scratch. We are one of the best template-free web design companies in Sri Lanka.

Strategic Web Design Solutions

We map your business objectives, analysis your market & digital competition, in order to figure out the best possible strategic solution that archives your business goals.

Support & Web Analytics

Our service does not stop from the point of delivering your website. We offer support for the life of your business with analytical reports on website performances.

100% On-Page SEO Web Designs

We develop Search Engine friendly web designs in Sri Lanka whereas your customers will surely find you when they search online. SEO is embedded with all our web design solutions.

Compatibility Across All Browsers & Devices

We assure all our web design solutions are compatible across all modern browsers & easily viewable on all devices; Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, and Smart Phones.

Website Redesign Service in Sri Lanka

In today’s ever-changing, highly competitive and fast-evolving cyber world, your online brand presence should be clean and up to date in order to get a sustainable competitive advantage and engage with your prospective customers. ORMC’ website re-design Services in Sri Lanka will help you to re-design and repair your existing website with an SEO friendly structure using the latest and advanced technologies to meet your consumer needs & match with prospective customers behaviour. We offer the best rates for website re-design in Sri Lanka whilst assuring creativity & performance.

We are one of the leading Web Design Company in Sri Lanka for re-design websites. Our web development service in Sri Lanka offers actionable and clear web design solutions that guarantee high ROI for your money and improve business results noticeably with our new web design solution. As online digital platforms increasingly become as the most popular and first touchpoint for your prospective consumers for searching products and services, our website re-design services assure more website traffic, fast downloads, appealing call to actions to drive engagement and conversions and to increase brand awareness among the targeted audience.

We provide the best mobile-friendly web solutions in Sri Lanka. What we mean by mobile-friendly is not just responsive. Most of the web solution providers think that “a responsive website means just resizes the desktop version of your website to be compatible for different mobile screen sizes available in the market. Most of the times you will likely have to zoom in to when you search for important information or text. Those solutions usually don’t look that user-friendly because the content gets shrunken so much and is not optimized to find most looked after content easily. Our mobile-first website solutions give priority to mobile users.

Our solutions are designed to be consumed on mobile-first. All our web design solutions are compatible with all desktop and tablet screen sizes available in the market. We put a special effort to optimize for mobiles and our solutions are the best-looking and functioning websites in Sri Lanka among mobile users. The key advantage of having a mobile-first web design is that it focuses on usability and it gives the most important information that customers exactly wants easily and faster without wasting their valuable time.

We also provide customized website design solutions for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses in Sri Lanka. Our web solutions for the SME sector is highly attractive among the sector because we offer the best prices for web solutions in Sri Lanka while maintaining creativity and functionality and achieving clients’ business goals.
Our relationships with our clients are beyond launch.

We at ORMC are working with our clients as their long term digital marketing partners. We make sure that your digital marketing strategies are consistently continued to work in your favor. ORMC is more than a one-time web solution provider. We help our clients to execute their ongoing growth strategies and expansions in the digital arena above the competition.

Corporate Website Design Services in Sri Lanka

ORMC being one of the leading corporate website design company in Sri Lanka, have supported our clients to increase their revenues and sales leads over the years. The secret formula of our success story comprises followings.

Our designs are fast loading and easy to navigate

We assure a pleasant look and feel for better user experience

Our sites are clean and error-free. We follow coding and programming that abides by the indexing technology of search engines.

By employing our expertise, our clients have achieved online stability and outperformed their competition with a clear margin. We can proudly say that we are the best result-driven web solutions provider and web design service in Sri Lanka. With each and every web solution, we create a unique brand identity for our clients. We specialized in custom web design solutions tailored to your specific industry needs and corporate requirements.

We are a full-service web design company in Sri Lanka with the capacity of offering 360-degree web solutions and online marketing services.

Few of our key online marketing solutions are:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Web Re-design & Web Maintenance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Domain registration & Web Hosting
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Mobile App Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Pay per click
  • Content Marketing

We are one of the rapidly growing web design company in Colombo. Our website design solutions are SEO friendly, fast loading, mobile friendly and most importantly cost effective. We allocate a dedicated team of professionals to each project. We are contactable at any time of the day irrespective of working hours or not.

Our solutions are mobile friendly and not just mobile responsive. We follow the mobile-first approach to give a unique user experience to your mobile visitors. All our web solutions are easily readable and highly functional in all sizes of mobile devices.

In short, our web solutions drive sales and deliver results. We offer industry best web solutions at the most affordable rates. From concept to completion, we make sure our clients get a uniquely customized web solution each time, creating a superior online brand identity for your business. Contact us now & let us create your edge online!

Professional Web Design Services in Sri Lanka

In today’s highly competitive business environment, a result-driven classy website can make all the difference in positioning your business above the competition. At ORMC, We have highly qualified web designers and digital marketing professionals to secure your brand online and position it above the rest. During the last few years, we have continuously optimized all our systems and processes, in order to transfer productivity benefits to our clients.

As a leading professional web design company in Sri Lanka, ORMC has created industry best websites for a wide array of businesses sectors. Our web solutions in the following industries have created an edge over the competition during the last few years.

Few of those are including telecommunication web designs in Sri Lanka, real estate web designs in Sri Lanka, banking & finance web designs in Sri Lanka, Shipping web designs in Sri Lanka, travel & leisure web designs in Sri Lanka, Interior web designs in Sri Lanka, Beauty Solons & Spa web designs in Sri Lanka, Fashion & clothing web designs in Sri Lanka, restaurants web designs in Sri Lanka, Web designs for education institutes in Sri Lanka, Web designs for engineering companies in Sri Lanka, Web designs for event management companies in Sri Lanka, web designs for health care services in Sri Lanka, and web designs for construction companies in Sri Lanka.

With ORMC web design solutions you could drive more of the right kind of prospective customers to your site. We use the strong and appealing call to actions to engage with them and make them ready to buy.

At ORMC we strive to be the best Digital Marketing partner for your company in the long run. With our highly corporative and friendly staffs that are ready to assist you any time, ensures that you get the best. Online competition and search engine algorithms are ever changing which leads to demand you keep up with the latest updates and trends in order to be visible. Your website is the showroom of your business and the landing page creates the first impression of your company. Knowing this very well we at ORMC take an extra effort to craft the landing page carefully.

When a new visitor comes to your website, we make sure that your website content is strong enough to build trust and convince visitors to make the decision to do business with you. Then we drive them through the customer journey based on your industry, enabling them to decide what products to buy, who to consult, learn about upcoming events that are scheduled, etc.., highlighting key information what is most important to them. With this professional approach, we make sure our web solutions are working for our clients to compete online strongly. Contact us today! Get your web solution done by professionals…

Secure Web Design Solutions in Sri Lanka

A secure website builds trust on visitors to do business with you. Therefore your website needs to be secured. We at ORMC have got you covered. We provide secure web solutions in Sri Lanka. In early 2018, Google started labeling secure web sites (websites with HTTPS or an SSL certificate) and non-secure websites (websites without HTTPS or an SSL certificate) as such in the search bar using a green or black “locked” symbol, and “not secure” label appropriately.

Today’s customers are highly tech-savvy, informed people that understand the threats of cyber attacks and website hacks. Customers tend to do business with secure sites always, instead of sites with “not secure” warning, when there is a choice. We take extra effort and special approach to make your site fast, secure, and reliable. From custom plugins to API integrations, we have covered you every step of the way.


We believe in best practice coding and therefore we start with secure high-quality codes. Our QA process assures an error-free coding and we want to make sure that your site is functional as well as creative. Our best practice approach allows you to do any future upgrade to your website despite the fact that who is handling it.
The security factor is embedded into the framework of your site, at the time of structuring your site. By taking the security first approach into our development plans and strictly following industry best practices, we reduce the risk of getting hack and protect your business.


We follow a set of standards to ensure the hassel free web development process. By adopting world best web development practices, we ensure that your site is structured well, is SEO friendly, safe and mobile friendly.

Before we start any website project, we work with our client to understand the main objectives of the project and we will have a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of your business.

We align our web solution to meet your unique needs. Through our environmental audit, we discover your customer attributes & competitive landscape.

Our Web Design solutions in Sri Lanka offers dynamic custom designs to secure virtual identity.

Want to Turn Your Website into an Online Sales Representative?

Tell us about your business goals. Drop us a line to learn more about our web design and development services or call us on +9477 221 88 00 to discuss your company’s website needs. Contact Our Web Design Company Today.

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