About Us

Dreamshapers - Web Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing Company in Sri Lanka.

We at ORMC, are a team of committed IT experts, who come with a promise of delivering world-class web designs, web developments and digital marketing services in Sri Lanka that focuses on playing a key role on digital platforms to drive holistic growth of your business. Being the best digital marketing company in Sri Lanka, our team consists of experienced digital marketing professionals who offer their skills and expertise for the purpose of effective integration between latest digital technologies and organizational objectives to create a progressive strategy for business growth of our customers.

We specialize in digital marketing in Sri Lanka, web development in Sri Lanka, content writing in Sri Lanka, web application development in Sri Lanka and e-commerce website solutions in Sri Lanka, SEO Services in Sri Lanka, that can compete with any global web design or open source development company in the world. Our delivery model guarantees that your brand will stand out among the clutter and your business objectives are achieved.

With the help of our highly qualified and experienced team of internet marketing specialists, content writers, software and application programmers, and consultants in Sri Lanka, we offer one of a kind solution that brings in maximum return on investment.

Our Vision

To become the premier digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

We are determined to continuously build unique resources & core competencies, with a customer centric approach to build competitive advantage by maintaining a learning & innovation oriented culture whilst sharing benefits to all our stakeholders & the society at large.

Our Values


We are open about our practices and methods. We believe this benefits ourselves, our clients, and our industry peers. We will not inflate our accomplishments, our downplay our shortcomings. We will be open about our business, so others in our industry may learn from us.


Our word means something. We will do the things we say we will do. We are loyal allies to those we form partnerships with. Our word is bond. We come through on our promises and assurances. We are there for our clients and each other.

We look out for clients and give them a heads up to any changes in the technology or market which could affect them. We do positive things for people we work with and for, even when we don’t tell them ahead of time, even when we don’t get the credit. Being an ally is serious business to us.


We understand that everyone is good at something. We are good at certain things, others are good at certain things. We think neither less nor more of ourselves than we should. We are confident in our strengths, and we acknowledge our weaknesses. We know that we don’t know everything, but what we do know, we are confident in.

We are not arrogant or prideful. We are happy when we do a good job. We learn from our mistakes. We ask for help when we need it. We establish relationships with others who are strong in areas where we are weak. We offer help to those who need our expertise. We hold our heads high when it comes to the work we specialize in. We are confident, not cocky. We underestimate nothing. We scope projects carefully and look for hidden “gotchas”.

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