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Online Reputation Management Services in Sri Lanka

A positive image helps more conversions.

A good reputation of an organization drives sales. Further, the internet being the most popular source of information, it allows visitors to express their true shopping experiences at any time. People use the internet as an important and widespread medium to look for reviews of products and services. 

Therefore we should make sure that negative feedback is managed professionally so as to protect the organization’s reputation. On the other hand, it is important to creatively utilize the positives for building the organization’s reputation. For this, regular vigilant is required enabling quick responses, mitigating possible damages.

We focus on building a positive online presence for your brand in search results and social channels. By reducing and removing negative coverage and negative results we maintain your brand reputation. To do this we use different channels, including web forums, professional blogs, online news channels, and highly interactive social media groups when we execute our online reputation management services.

Negativity can destroy your brand. We bury negativity and protect your online reputation.

Negative customer reviews can pop up at any time of the day since the internet never sleeps. To build and maintain a positive online reputation needs constant vigilance. Our dedicated team actively monitor and manage online reviews that affect your brand reputation.

Reputation Management Protects Your Brand

Press Releases

We create newsworthy articles and submit as press releases on online news channels representing your brand.


We create highly interactive positive posts about your brand on forums online. Also, manage negative posts in forums where your brand reputation can be get affected.

Competitor Websites

We monitor your competitors’ online behavior and our experts will recognize negative competitor activities about your brand online and suppress the content from all channels where possible and mitigate the damage quickly.

Social Media

We highlight positive feedbacks in all your social media accounts focusing on improving brand reputation.

Review Sites

We spread positive reviews regarding your brand on a number of review websites which helps produce positive reputation and secure brand identity.

Blog Posts

We create interesting positive articles on your brand and publish as blog posts, in order to get visibility and increase brand reputation.

Strong Online Profile 

Our strategy focuses on your business registered with the most possible online channels and forums to get the maximum visibility. We make sure that positive content regarding your brand is highlighted on all possible places online which leads to improving reputation. 

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